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Love: Why you should say it often and show it more

There’s no better feeling than hearing the words ‘I love you’ from that special person. Hearing and saying the words make you feel the feelings, which in turn will see you act in a loving way. If you stop saying I love you, it’s the start of the end of your relationship. Not saying those words is like a cancer to a relationship. It starts small, leaving a little void, which continues to grow and gain momentum, widening the gap between you and your other half, as you drift apart further and further until irreparable damage has been done. When this happens, you’ll start to find little arguments start to happen and cracks start to appear. You will find little things about your partner start to annoy you, things that never bothered you before. Deep down we all want to feel loved and accepted. This is why not only saying ‘I love you’ is important, but also showing it. Little things that show you care are much more significant that bigger one off gestures.


Don’t say it too much however. If you tell your husband or wife that you love them 50 times a day it can be a little overbearing (a little may be an understatement!) and it can lose its meaning. You should only say the words when you really mean them, and be sure you’re feeling them as you say them. So be sure to be sincere when saying the words, and not just going through the motions. I find a great way to do this is to think of a reason as to why you love the person. ‘I love you because….’ can often hold a lot more meaning than just I love you.


Many people think love is an emotion, but it is actually an activity. This may sound strange to you, but when you actually think about it you’ll find it makes a lot of sense. Love is actually something you do. Just think of the things you love, it may be sports, hobbies, socializing, even just watching sports. These are all things you do. Love comes when doing these things. It’s the same with love for your partner. You need to be not only a person who feels love, but a person who gives love. Showing affection is the most loving thing someone can do. Holding hands, hugging, kissing on the cheek, these are all ways of showing you love someone without saying it. Remember, actions speak louder than words.


Words expressed spontaneously are a very powerful way to show love. Calling your partner, texting or emailing them just to tell them you love them is a great way to do this. Making snacks and putting a little effort in to show you love someone will make them feel great inside and love you more. This could be as simple as making nachos and dips for you to watch a DVD together, or making a cup of coffee for when they get up in the morning. Surprising someone is a great way to show love. Surprises don’t have to be all diamond necklaces and designer handbags; it can be smaller, simpler things. Preparing a romantic dinner for you both at home, or planning a picnic, or decorating a room at home, all these little surprises go a long way to showing you really love someone and don’t just say it.