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Tips on making your dollars go further

It’s often been said that your wedding day is the most expensive day of your life, but what if you don’t have a lot of money? People sometimes spend as much as tens of thousands of dollars, all on one day. This is not what a wedding, and certainly a marriage, is all about. We have found ourselves in a situation where couples are deciding not to get married simply because they can’t afford it. A marriage is about a lifelong commitment to that special person you love more than any other, not about one lavish, expensive day to keep up with the Joneses. So when it comes to your big day, I’m going to offer you some advice to make your dollars go further.

The first place to start is your wedding venue. Would you consider having the wedding at either your house or either of your parents’ houses? This is pending obviously the size of your house and garden, but it is a possibility. Set up a marquee in the back garden and hire your own caterers. Look around for special offers from certain venues. Some have absolutely incredible offers. Remember to bargain them down. The price they quote you is usually not the absolutely bottom price they will accept. So why not make them an offer, be prepared to compromise. Don’t forget to mention what you’re bringing to the table – namely a large number of guests paying for drinks all day and night and even booking hotel rooms.


When it comes to wedding invitations, why not make your own? Why not decorate your own venue? You could look around and buy or rent all of your own chair covers, floor decorations and lighting to save yourself a small fortune. Have you ever considered buying your wedding dress on EBay? This may sound absolutely crazy to some bride-to-be’s out there, but it really isn’t. EBay – or another online outlet – could save you a lot of money. Online is probably where most dress shops get their clothes anyway, so you are really just cutting out the middle man. Once it arrives, take it to a dress shop or a local dressmaker and have them alter it to fit your body and style. If you are too daunted by the whole online shopping thing, why not have a local dress maker make you a dress? You may find a friends mum, or a relative, is a skilled dress maker and could really help you out.


Wedding bands can be quite expensive, so if you really need to save money, why not leave the band out of the wedding and juts have your DJ play a little longer? Why not reduce your invites by half? This may sound like a drastic measure, but how many of those people you would chop from your invitation list would actually care enough to be bothered. If you have to have a smaller wedding due to the cost people will understand. You’ll probably find most of those distant relatives you’re inviting won’t even invite you to their weddings anyway. Why not cut back on all the little extra’s that cost money and all add up to a very expensive wedding day? Ask these 3 questions: Will we use it? Is it worth it? Is it cheaper elsewhere? These questions will save you money every step of the way when planning your wedding.