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Wedding Night Love Making Tips

Every couple looks forward to making love on their wedding night, their first night together as a married couple. This night has long been held in folklore as the happiest, most passionate, loving night of their lives, and they want it to fully live up to expectations. If you’re very lucky, you’ll only ever get one wedding night, so you’ll want to make the most of it. It’s important you don’t put too much pressure on yourselves however, as making love requires a lot of attention and energy, and you may not have this on your wedding night, as it comes on the back of a very long day. So the first thing you should do is plan your wedding night in advance – together. Obviously each of you will want to keep some aspects a secret for the element of surprise and this is fine – in fact it’s an absolute must. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan in advance together also. This ensures things run smoothly.

When it comes to making love on your wedding night you will want both of your lust and desires to peak just in time so when the big day is over you both can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off! A good way to do this is to stop having sex for a few weeks before the wedding, to make you both want each other so bad it hurts! Now this doesn’t mean be totally cold with each other, obviously couples need a level of intimacy and mistakes can happen; you may fall into each other’s arms on one or two occasions before the wedding – that’s what being in love is all about. If both of you find this suggestion very hard, at least try to keep your hands off each other for 1 week beforehand, and when difficult moments come just remind yourselves of the end goal – an incredibly passionate wedding night. On your wedding night, make sure you try something different. This is absolutely essential, as the same old love making routines that most couples fall in to are nothing short of boring – and you know it.

This night is special unlike any other, so make sure you don’t rush things. Take things slowly, start off as if (if it isn’t already) the first night the two of you have ever made love together. Wedding days are long and tiring, so why not agree to leave it until the next morning? It is advised that you should wear something special, to really spice up the occasion and make it stand out from any other. For a man, seeing his bride in sexy wedding night lingerie can really get him in the mood and set pulses racing, which bodes well for your wedding night love making. Make sure it’s something you feel comfortable and confident in. Confidence is sexy, so make sure you exude a lot of this on your wedding night.

Be sure to set the mood on your wedding night. Light candles, have some gentle music, scatter rose petals and bring some nice oils. Why not bring some massage oils to relax each other and dust off the stress of your big day? Try not to stay up too late either, remember you are newlyweds and the honeymoon suite waits, so be sure to make full use of it.