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Why it’s important not to stress

So what fashionable attire for a groom? We’ll take a look at that in a minute, but first let’s see what all the fuss is about. It has often been said that it’s irrelevant what the groom wears on his big day as everyone will be looking at the bride. In modern terms, this couldn’t be further for the truth. Times have changed and men have increasingly become fashion icons in their own right, so what the groom wears is just as important as what the bride wears. So let’s take a look at what’s fashionable for grooms in 2014.

After years of being replaced by cravats and formal ties, bow ties and waistcoats are back with a vengeance. This looks great along with a full tuxedo and shiny black bow tie. A great tip is to dress down your groomsmen a little or put them in a lighter colour. That way your bow tie will really stand out and you’ll be a very fashionable groomsman. A shiny black edge to the label of your tuxedo will set the whole thing off. Fashion is going retro and you should be too. This trend has made its way into wedding trends. Grooms are either going retro or going less formal in a less structured suit with an almost casual appearance. One tip would be if you like this look, make sure everything you’re wearing is retro. Styles from different eras don’t mix too well. Colours are being introduced to groom’s suits which have never been seen before. Charcoal, off white linens and shades of grey are increasingly common. Light grey suits are sophisticated and formal without being too stuffy. Off-white linens are really fashionable for destination or outdoor weddings. Charcoal grey suits are the new black when it comes to groom fashion. Boutonnieres are another wedding fashion trend this year for grooms. They are becoming more creative using interesting mixes of flowers to really add colour to the groom

Gold is a very popular colour for grooms and groomsmen alike this year. A gold tie and waistcoat looks fantastic with a black, grey or navy suit, setting off a very rich, fashionable look. As a groom you should look to dress in a style which suits you and your personality. If you’re quite laid back and getting married on a beach, a casual off-white linen suit would be perfect for you. If surfing is your thing, a surf themed beach wedding offers so much opportunity to get creative for your suit. Designers and tailors make bespoke suits for weddings, but now more than ever grooms are requesting that their suits be tailor made, with ‘peacocking’ becoming more coming. Grooms are as keen to stay ahead of the trend and be unique as brides are. A more common trend is grooms are spending money on suits they can wear over and over again, rather than just for their wedding day.

So there you have it. As grooms trends come full circle, the most fashionable styles appear to be a mix of the old and the very new, with retro suits and black bow ties, along with coloured suits and matching suits and waistcoats, it’s all there. No matter what it is you chose to wear, be sure to dress it up with a colourful boutonniere to really set it off and match with what your beautiful bride is wearing.