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How to choose your Bridal Registry

We have just the advice you need when choosing your bridal registry, but first let’s look at why having one in the first place can save you a lot of bother in the long run. The last thing you want is 4 kettles, 3 cutlery sets and 6 toasters to have to return, sell on or give away when you open your presents. You can save yourself all this stress by simply setting up a bridal registry. This way you will ensure you only receive one of each item you need. So here’s some advice on how to choose your bridal registry.

When choosing a bridal registry and which store to use, you should shop around and see which stores products best suit your needs. Think of price, location, online availability, product range and quality. If you roll with a group of young millionaires, money may be no object for them, but be considerate towards those less well-off guests when choosing your bridal registry. Have a range of pricing on your list, from cheaper items to more expensive items to suit your every need. Check if the store in question has an online store. People travel from all over to go to weddings, so make sure everyone can buy something from the list. Your chosen store’s product range will also play a key part. What if you want a really wide range of gifts and they have a limited kitchen department? Or you would like some sports equipment to use for your hobbies and they don’t stock it? You can use more than one store. You will want quality goods that you will use and will last you longer than your honeymoon! It’s not uncommon for couples to reach their 25th wedding anniversary with some gifts still in their home from their wedding day. That silver platter from an aunt, or the crystal glass set from their best man. Quality will last.

So what should you ask for in your wedding list? If you are moving into a new home you should ask for essentials. Everyday items you need and will use. The most commonly listed items are kitchen appliances. Every home needs a fully functioning kitchen, so items such as cutlery, utensils, toasters, kettles, microwaves, and even deep fat fryers are the top listen bridal registry items. Kitchen accessories and gadgets are also commonly asked for. Think of those items you would love to have but would never go out and buy. They may not be essentials, but you’d sure love to have them. Luggage is another essential item. You are no doubt planning a honeymoon, or even planning to holiday in the future, so luggage will always come in handy. You could list a larger suitcase for one or two week vacations, and a smaller suitcase for weekend breaks.

Towel sets and bedding are other essentials. You will probably find your guests will be prepared to pay more for these items than you yourself would, as they want them to be special as they’re a wedding present. So be sure to add these to your list. No one said your bridal list should be limited to items for your home, so be sure to choose items you will use. Remember to register at more than one store, choose a wide range of gifts at various prices, and include these details in your wedding invitation.