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Money box at your wedding: Good idea or bad?

Some people feel guilty asking for money, but why should you? No one comes to a wedding without first buying a gift, so instead of buying the gift they are giving the money instead. You wouldn’t feel guilty receiving a new toaster, or a cutlery set, so why feel guilty about receiving money?

Wedding money boxes should only be used if you have stated you aren’t accepting gifts but would rather money. This may seem a bit daunting to you at first as you are effectively asking for money, but this has become very common in modern society. In generations gone by couples would meet, get married then set up home together. This way they had a need to receive a new kettle, cutlery, a vacuum cleaner, and all other household goods as they would have found themselves effectively moving into an empty house. Today however it’s more common for couples to live together before they get married. Therefore they probably already have most of those essential household items. I recently attended a wedding where this was the case. I arrived at the reception carrying a card for the happy couple with money inside it. As many wedding cards are, it was too big for the inside pocket of my suit jacket. I found myself asking other guests what they did with theirs. I was informed there was a lovely decorated box, with a hole for envelopes, and I popped it in there. Having a money box is simply more convenient for everyone, yourselves and your guests.


If you do decide to have a wedding money box, and to ask for money instead of gifts, it’s important that you do this in a certain way. Just coming out and saying ‘give us money instead of gifts’ can sound a bit like you are holding your guests to ransom. You could use a little poem. I received an invitation with a poem which finished with ‘we already have a kettle and a teapot, so please give us pennies for our savings pot’. You should also remember that in some ways you are doing your guests a favour by asking for money instead of gifts. You are saving them the hassle of having to think of a gift, and shop around for the right one. Even if you have a wedding gift list, guests feel a little under pressure when buying the gifts. As each item is of different value, some guests will end up spending a lot more on gifts than others. At least with a money box they don’t feel as pressured into forking out a lot of money, they can put in what they can afford.


If you have decided to have a money box at your wedding you must make sure it looks the part. You want a very pretty, well decorated, classy looking box. Think ribbons, flowers, and something in keeping with the tone of the day and the wedding colours. You can order these boxes online or even make one yourself. Some wedding venues even provide their own for your convenience, so be sure to ask in advance.