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Things to look for when searching for wedding venues

Your wedding venue is probably the biggest decision that you’ll have to make for your big day. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Similarly to every part of the wedding planning process, it’s important you ask the right questions when it comes to deciding on your wedding location. Luckily for you, I’ve set out some questions I believe will help you avoid the pitfalls some other less fortunate couples experience when it comes to their wedding nuptials.


How big a wedding are you having? Is it a small intimate wedding with 40 guests? Or will it be a large wedding with 250? This is the first thing you need to answer before moving on. Then from here you need to ask each venue what its maximum capacity is. Though we all wonder whether or not a venue is big enough for all out guests, why not also consider if it is too big? You should ask what the venue will look like. This may seem a stupid question as obviously you won’t book a wedding without knowing what your venue looks like, but do you know what it will look like on your actual wedding day? What if you book it 2-3 years in advance only to find they’ve carried out major renovations in the mean time?


What are the limitations, if any; of the venue you are choosing? Limitations could make or break your big day for you and your guests. You must ask them whether there are controls or sound and lighting. What time does the bar have to close by? If your family and friends love to party long into the night, how will you feel if the bar shuts at 11pm? Are you allowed to have a fireworks display out in the garden? Can children attend your wedding? Can you use your own caterers or are you limited to the kitchen staff at the venue? Ask these questions now or be sorry later. Wedding presents are a big part of any wedding day, so you must make sure your venue caters for this. When your guests arrive with gifts, or money, it is important you know what is going to happen to these and will they be safe. It goes without saying that your gifts will be worth a lot of money, so you will want to make sure they are kept safe. Will you have to bring them home with you on your wedding night or can you pick them up the next day?


Does the venue have all the sufficient space, sockets and equipment for your band and DJ? Bands are notoriously high maintenance and the last thing you want is your lead singer throwing a diva style tantrum on your wedding day because he has no space to perform. So why not ask the band and DJ what their needs are before approaching your venue to sort things for them. If you have your venue in place before hiring the entertainment, you should still do this as the band may be able to work comfortably within the confines of what the venue has to offer. So leave no stone unturned and make sure you know what to look out for when searching for your wedding venue.