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This year’s top bridesmaid trends

The look and role of a bridesmaid has evolved so much over the years. These trends can start as far back as the bachelorette party and finish at the end of the wedding, so there are so many to cover. With the evolution of social media, trends develop quickly and catch on faster than ever. A new dress style is put on Facebook, new wedding dance routines are shared on YouTube. So let’s take a look at some of the more recent trends we see with bridesmaids.


The latest trend for bridesmaids will definitely NOT be to everyone’s liking. This trend will shock those of you who are a little more conservative. This trend is known as ‘bum bearing’. This latest trend has gone global with even major news outlets picking up on it. So what in ‘bum bearing’? During those all important wedding photos, the bride and bridesmaids have a picture taken together where they all lift up their dresses to bare their bums. I apologise to any of you who are easily offended, but this really is the latest bridesmaid craze. Dancing trends have been popular at weddings this last decade. Some couples just weren’t satisfied with the old slow dance routine and decided it needed spiced up a little. They start off slow dancing to a wonderful love song, only for the record to break midway through and a fast, upbeat song comes on (usually one with a special dance routine) and they proceed to show off their moves. Bridesmaid dance routines now add to the effect of the bride and groom dance, with songs from the hit musical Grease being a particular favourite. Dance offs between the bridesmaids and grooms men are an ever increasing popular trend, as the whole wedding party get involved in the first dance.


So what type of bridesmaid’s dresses are trending in 2014? Lace is a big hit, with some all lace dresses being very popular. The lace trend extends further, with some dresses containing some lace designs as opposed to being all lace. The colour purple remains the most popular dress colour according to bridesmaid dress designers. Asymmetrical neckline and hemlines are trending very high this year. Whether using a one-shoulder neckline or a high-low hemline, asymmetry has really taken off. Neckline trends don’t stop there, with illusion necklines being another popular trend. This way your bridesmaids remain well covered with the illusion of a lower neckline. This is a great way to use lace in your dresses.


Bachelorette parties are a big part of any wedding for bridesmaids. They see it as their one chance to help their soon to be bride let loose one last time and really enjoy herself. This used to be a night out with the girls with the bride-to-be wearing a veil, and sometimes still is, but the increasing trend is spending a long weekend away somewhere exotic. Somewhere the bride and her bridesmaids can relax in the sun and party one last time. Printed t-shirts, rude games and some props can still be included in this, but they aren’t essential. So let your hair down and have fun. 2014 is a great year for bridesmaids.