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What happy couples do that you can do too!

People who are in an unhappy relationship often ask themselves: what do happy couples do? The truth is happy couples can do any number of things, it can be literally anything, but the thing is they tend to do it together. It may be something simple like going shopping together, or going for a walk together, they enjoy just about anything together. This does not mean they live out of each other’s pockets like Yoko Ono and John Lennon (who famously spent every hour of every day together, even when Lennon was in the studio writing songs with The Beatles), as this can soon make a happy couple unhappy. Let’s look at some things happy couples do.

Happy couples tend to know that real relationships begin when the honeymoon period is over. They are aware of – and not disappointed by – the fact certain feelings that are only felt in the early flushes of love. They have grown mature and happy in their newfound relationship that isn’t based on lust and the constant thrill of finding out new things about a person. Happy couples do certain things that other couples don’t do. For example, happy couples go to bed together each night. Just think back to the early stages of your relationship. Can you remember when you couldn’t wait to go to bed together to make love? Happy couples resist temptation to stay up later while the other sleeps, even if one has to get up earlier than the other. They do things together in solidarity, symbolising they together are one and not two separate people. Happy couples cultivate common interests that they can both enjoy together. After the passion of the honeymoon period dies down, it is not entirely unusual to find you have little in common. This is why most relationships fail in the first six months.

Happy couples make trust and forgiveness crucial parts of their relationship. Every couple has arguments; it’s just part of being in a relationship. What separates happy couples from the rest is that when they have an argument and can’t find an agreement, they resort to trust and forgiveness as opposed to distrust and grudges. This keeps their relationship happy and clear. Some people have a tendency to be fault finders in people. Are you a fault finder? If so you should make it your business to be a ‘good finder’. This way you can focus more on what your partner does right, rather than what they do wrong. This will prevent many arguments occurring.

Happy couples are affectionate. They hug and kiss each other first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They say ‘I love you’ every day. Scientists have found that our skin has a memory of good touch, bad touch, and no touch. Good touch promotes a memory of love, bad touch a memory of abuse and no touch a memory of neglect. How did you make your partner feel today? Did you make them feel loved, abused or neglected? Happy couples make each other feel loved with simple hugs, holding hands and kissing.  They also keep in touch during the day. Even if it’s just one simple phone call from work to check how the other is doing. A simple ‘how are you?’ can go a long way to showing you care and keep a couple happy. So don’t be afraid to embrace the happy couple inside of you.