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Why You Should Use Make Up that’s 100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic

We’ll look at why you should use 100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic makeup in just a moment, first let’s look at what it actually is. This is quite simply chemical free makeup, which is non-toxic and all the ingredients are sourced from organic resources such as plants and minerals, and it contains nothing from animals. Look on the label of your cosmetics right now and you’ll see a long list of chemicals. Is this really what you want to be putting on your skin? There are many myths surrounding vegan cosmetics and we can guess where they have come from. Let’s diffuse some of these. One is that vegan makeup doesn’t perform as well as cosmetic brands. This is far from the truth. If anything they perform better as they are much better for your skin than other brands. Do you know what’s actually in other brands of cosmetics? Did you know they use parabens to extend the shelf life of their products? These are toxic, harmful chemicals. Lab research has shown estrogenic activity when testing these.

Synthetic chemicals, animal by-products and little vegetable by-products can all be found in these makeups. They use cheaper ingredients to increase profit margins. It is worth noting that your skin is the largest organ in your body and is very absorbent. So what you put on it is in fact absorbed into your body, and can affect your health. You should take the same cautions with what you out on your skin as you do with what you eat. Maybe you are a vegan and you want to extend your veganism to the makeup you use. Using 100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic makeup is the best way to do this. This way you can keep true to your vegan lifestyle and still manage to look your very best every day.

100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic makeup artists leave no stone unturned to make sure you receive only the very best that healthy makeup has to offer. They even use 100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic tools to apply it to your face. Many people claim that only natural hair bristles give you the best results. This may have been the case before the demand for 100% vegan brushes exploded.  You can now get extremely effective synthetic brushes which will do just as good a job as natural hair brushes. The only difference is that no animals suffered to create them.

While researching 100% vegan, organic, chemical-free and non-toxic I came across Danielle Schleese from www.facedmakeup.com. I found her work inspirational in the field of healthy cosmetics. An interesting and engaging you entrepreneur, the 24 year old Danielle is making waves in the industry. She was recently a finalist in the Star’s Small Business Club pitch contest. Danielle is a professionally qualified makeup artist and is continuing to grow her business. She currently has several subcontracted, fully mobile makeup artists and an assistant to set up their appointments.

Faced is a makeup artistry company that is education based. They are 100% mobile and can cater to your needs from the comfort of your own home. If you care about your cosmetics as well as the environment, you should get in touch with Danielle via her website.