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You’ve won the lottery; spend it on your wedding (dreaming the most extravagant wedding)

When planning our wedding we can often find ourselves drifting off into a daze and finding ourselves in a little magical place where we can have everything we want and more. Imagine you’ve just won the lottery and money is no object, so you can have whatever type of wedding you wish for, with the most extravagant dress, in the most lavish resort, with the best food money can buy. What would you do? I encourage you to try this with your fiancé; you’ll find it’s a lot of fun and you’ll both have a laugh doing it. Really open your mind up to new ideas you’ve never even imagined before, get creative, and really push the boundaries. Remember, money doesn’t come into it; you’ve all the money you need for everything and more. To help you out along the way, I’m going to give you some ideas of my own.


The first thing is the engagement ring. The ring I would choose would have a big diamond, with diamonds encrusted around it in a solid platinum band. It would be very classy. It would be clearly expensive. My fiancé would feel like a princess in it. Our wedding rings would also be solid platinum, with diamonds encrusted all the way around them. The brides dress would be made by a top fashion designer, full of class and glamour, as would the bridesmaids’ dresses. Now, where to have the wedding? You could opt for a castle, or an ancient cathedral, or a lavish service at the Ritz or Hilton. Or you may opt for an Island wedding. Rent an Island for 3 days and fly all your guests there, pampering and entertaining them for an experience they’ll never forget! Or how about going to some exotic country and getting married at a famous location, like the pyramids in Egypt or in Athens, or the Coliseum in Rome? The possibilities are endless. Once you decide where you’ll be getting married, now its time to think about the food. Here’s the really fun part, who will be cooking your food? I’m thinking celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, known for his perfectionist high standards. Just imagine how great the food would be!


Who is your favourite band? Aerosmith? Bon Jovi? Maybe even Garth Brooks? You could get one of these to play at your wedding. Just imagine having your first dance to your favourite song, played by your favourite band, live! Dreams are made of this, and this is your opportunity to really dream! How will you arrive at your wedding? Why not arrived by helicopter or boat? You could incorporate animals and entertainment into your wedding day to keep the guests entertained while you’re having your photos taken. Maybe some monkeys, giraffes, or even an elephant outside. Something for your guests to talk about and maybe even get a picture with.


After all the nuptials are completed, you could have an incredible fireworks display to really celebrate your big day. Wedding favours are a fantastic way to make your guests smile. You could include something special like a voucher for a free spa treatment, something that will offer relaxation to people in the days following the most incredible wedding ever. So get your thinking cap on and get very creative together, you’ll be amazed at just how much fun you can have when thinking of crazy extravagant ideas for your wedding.