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Non-traditional photo shoot locations

Photo shoot locations are one of the most important things for any bride and groom, as they know these pictures will go into a special album and remain with them the rest of their lives.  The local beach, castle, and hill top are all popular locations, but sometimes they just aren’t enough for the more adventurous couple, and they go for non-traditional photo locations. This is a great way to be unique and stand out from the crowd, but also a great opportunity to personalise your wedding photo’s to you, and not just following wedding tradition. So what type of wedding photo location will you go for?


Finding a non-traditional wedding photo location can be quite difficult. Here are some ideas. What about the place you went on your first date? May have been your local bowling alley, or a bar, but either way it’s especially unique to you. How about the place you first met? If the two of you are animal lovers, why not incorporate a local farm or zoo into your wedding photos. Maybe you both love ice skating, and think it would be a great idea to have some pictures taken on the ice at the local ice-rink. The sports stadiums of couples’ favourite teams have become especially popular as non-traditional wedding photo locations – in fact some people even hold their ceremonies there too! Local landmarks may sound more traditional, but not all are. Some cities are known for certain industries, ship building, mining, car manufacturing and many others.


The local skater park would be a great location for your wedding photos if you were both big skater dudes. What could be more unique to you than following both your passions for your photos? Is either of you into surfing? Why not add a surfer’s twist to your beach wedding photos. Theme parks have become increasingly popular as both wedding and wedding photo locations. If you’re a fun, exciting, adventurous couple, why not go to a theme park for your photos? Why not be very risky and go for a water park?


Careful consideration must be taken when deciding on your non-traditional wedding photo location. When going for one of these types of location you must think long and hard about it. Ask yourself what are you both really in to and passionate about? Then ask is this just a passing phase, or is this how you really want to be remembered in life? Wedding photos in your favourite tattoo parlour may be great today, but if you fall out of love with the ink and spent years having it removed you will live to regret those photos. Don’t try to be different, try to be true to yourself. It’s important when you do decide on a location that you speak to the owners of the property, or gate keepers of the land, to get permission to use it. Be aware that they may charge a small fee, but it will be worth it if it makes your wedding day that little bit more special.