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What Shoes should I wear?

Before your first fitting you should have your shoes to know how long your gown should be. There are so many shoes to be warm, in a variety of styles and colours. Do you want bling, or subtlety? Dwedding-shoes-flatso you want high heels or flats? This is an important decision because you will be wearing these while you walk down the aisle, and stand at the altar before your friends and family. If you are in the area Woodbridge Bridal Shoe Shop & Accessories is a perfect place to find your perfect pair.

Before you become too caught up in the adventure of trying on shoes determine what will go with your dress, and which pair will show your personality. Traditionally women will wear white shoes, but in the last few years women have been wearing bold and vibrant footwear. It is an opportunity to wear your favourite colour.

Before you buy a pair know what your budget is. Walk in with a price in mind, so you can walk out with the footwear you need. Some women choose to purchase ashutterstock_83311459 few different pairs of shoes for the duration of their ceremony and reception, so keep that in mind as well.

Just like trying on your shoes for any other event if they are not comfortable now, they will not be on your special day.                   Walk in them to see how they make your feet feel. Are they too snug? Too stiff? Can you stand or dance in these with ease?

6e3a8b17bd7229608ddf3cbedeb675d0Heels are a great way to add height and elongate your legs. If you can walk in them; wear them. There are so many styles and colours available with high heels. Opened toe for warmer weather or closed toe for the colder weather. The warmer the weather the more choices you have. In the colder months boots might be a better choice.

If you are going to be dancing bring an extra pair of shoes such as formal flats with you. They are easy to wear and no need to remove them on the dance floor. These are also a great back-up in case of a shoe emergency.

Whichever shoes you decide upon whether they are flats, kitten or high heels, or stilettos remember to walk in them with confidence. Beauty and comfort are essential to being happy for your wedding day. Wear the pair that speaks to you.