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Family friendly or No kids-Who do you invite?

You have picked the date and venue, now what? The guest list of course.  Figuring out how many people are coming will determine most of what will follow in the planning process.

  • If you have a large family you may have to consider making your reception more kid friendly. That could mean food choices or activities.


  • Families that have children may not be able to attend if they must find a babysitter.


  • Ask yourself and your significant other some questions. Will you be providing activities for children at the venue?  Will you be having a dance?  Will your reception be traditional? Also, do the important people in your wedding party and guests have children?


  • It depends upon the environment that you desire for your special day.  A more fancy dining area might be more conducive to a more adult centred reception.
  • A more laid back environment might be better for those with children. This also means food would be catered towards small hands and stomachs


  • It is easy to be caught up in others ideas of what your day should look like.  There might be some who disagree either way, but go with that which makes you feel comfortable.

Now get started on your guest list, and send out those invitations. If you wish to see what is involved with sending out invitations and when to do so check out invitation etiquette tips (link to other article).