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Destination or Traditional Wedding

The whoosh of the water on the beach as you say your vows, or the chiming of the church bells as you stand together with your partner, determining where and how to be married is a big chunk of planning. Having the internet at your fingertips makes it easier to browse destinations no matter where it is you want to go.

If you desire to stand on the warm sand and walk down an aisle of roses than a destination wedding would be perfect for you. If you desire the opening of the church doors than a traditional wedding might just be what you are looking for.

Destination weddings: They have become popular amongst different economic backgrounds. They are not looked at as just for eloping anymore, and are a wonderful way to combine your honeymoon and ceremony. Resorts are eager to host your wedding and most often have a wedding package to choose from. Some couples may only invite a few close friends and family to join in the adventure, while others may invite a large group.

If you are planning a destination wedding keep in mind that some may not be able to attend due to work constraints, inability to afford the expenses, or have young families.  Some may not have passports or be able to afford the added expense of getting those completed. If you decide to do a destination wedding having a family celebration upon return would be a wonderful way to include the family members who could not go.

If you need help in planning we have the perfect resources for you here.

Traditional weddings: Whether held in a garden, banquet hall or church are more easily accessible for everyone. Those who can only attend for a few hours are able to leave whenever they wish. The expenses are not as high as usually it is more local to the majority of family and friends. Although not as exotic as a destination wedding these can be just as beautiful. Incorporating themes are an easier thing to accomplish when you are so close.

A lot of planning goes into these weddings, seemingly more than a destination. They seem to appease the majority of people who wish to be a part of your special day. They can also be as elaborate or small as you desire. If you need help in planning your wedding look no further, we have a talented group of wedding planners at this link

However you celebrate your nuptials do so knowing you are doing it the way that is perfect for you, whether that is on a beach on in a church.