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Small and Simple or Lavish and Large

Are you recently engaged and beginning to plan your wedding? There are so many questions running through your mind right now. Do you want a big wedding with all of your family and friends? Do you want a small ceremony in your favourite garden? What is your budget and are there others contributing? These are all excellent questions to help you determine how big you want to go.

If you have an idea of venue, ask how many people are needed to secure it or how many it can hold. The venue allows you to shorten or lengthen the guest list to the desired amount.

Small (under 100)disco

·        Easier budget

·        Atmosphere makes it seem personal

·        Smaller venue

·        Less to worry about in terms of size

·        Less floral arrangements as well as decorations

·        Saving money on catering

·        Ability to spend more money on the more important areas such as photography, wedding party gifts, or musical entertainment.


Larger wedding:

·        A bigger celebration including everyone you love

·        A more elaborate and show stopping ceremony

·        Bigger venue with more space.

·        Greater dance party

·        Bigger Bridal Party


No matter the size you choose it will be truly a special day that you will never forget. Enjoy your day with the ones you love and hold dear, and you will be happy with that choice.