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Wedding Day Checklist

Do you have everything you need? Here is your very own checklist:

  • Money: if photographer or venue needs final payment
  • Breakfast: make sure you stay hydrated and eat.  It is easy to be distracted or just plain nervous on your wedding day.
  • Back up shoes: just in case of emergency, you do not want to be walking down the aisle in barefoot if that was not your plan.
  • Aspirin and bandages: put in your make up bag.
  • Mascara and lipstick: as you might rub either off before nights end.
  • Wedding rings: do not forget these!
  • Hair spray: also in case of a hair emergency
  • Remember most of all to be calm and things will work out perfectly.

Your wedding day will turn out if you are prepared, so try not to be too stressed out. Lean on your family and friends if you are nervous about your day, that is what they are there for.