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Music on the Dance Floor: What Should You Choose?

It is time to figure out how you want to entertain your guests. Do you and your partner wish to celebrate with a dance floor? Do you want a more formal environment? How much are you looking to spend on entertainment? These are important questions to ask, and we have also included some entertainment ideas below.


·        String quartet: This gives a more formal setting, and mimics the elegant ceremony. Choosing this option might best if you have the budget to pay for the talent of the musicians. A wonderful company that provides just this across Canada is Duo D’Amore, they have a wide range of Violin and Cello Duos, String Trios and String Quartets

  • Live Bands: There are so many genres of musicians available for hire. Deciding the atmosphere will determine what kind of band you want; folk, rock, classic, or retro. It is best to search and audition those you think would offer the services you need. If you are looking for the perfect band click here.
  • DJ: Hiring a DJ is a popular choice as you can let him/her choose what to play. They have access to an extensive library and can play a variety of genres. It provides a party like atmosphere where the guests can have fun out on the dance floor. Make sure you read reviews, or find one through word of mouth. There is a list provided here for reputable DJs.
  • Solo Musician: The atmosphere mimics a formal setting as well and is a beautiful choice for entertainment. There are many types of musicians who perform at weddings such as; an electric harpist, violinist or if you are feeling adventurous try a one man band.

Finding the perfect musical entertainment for your reception is important and you must feel happy with your choice. Audition, or find a sample of those that you wish to hire and see which works for you. Take some time and remember to always check and see who is available and book well in advance, at the very least 6 months.