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Save the Dates and Invitations Q & A

1. Is it a must to send out Save the Dates?

Save the dates are relatively new way for communicating which date you are celebrating your wedding. Although it is not a must they are a great way to let loved ones know so they are prepared and can set that date aside.


2.  When should I send them out?

6-8 months prior to the wedding date. If it is a destination wedding a bit more time, so others can budget for the trip.


3. Should they be professionally done or homemade?

If you are a talented DIYer than make your own. If you are not there are a ton of businesses online and in brick and mortar stores that do this professionally, check them out here.



4.  When should I send my invitations out?

Send them out about 3 months prior. This is so they know where and what time the wedding is taking place and can arrange accordingly.


5.  Should I do these professionally?

Just like the save the dates, if you can do them yourself than you can try. If you choose to do it professionally it would save you the headache of getting them done quickly and save you time.


6.  What else should I include with the invitation?

Do not forget to include your RSVP with each invitation. You will need to know how many people are coming, and what food each person wants.


7.  What if the guests do not send us the RSVP back?

There is nothing wrong with a follow up email or phone call to your respective guests, some may have misplaced their cards.


Not everyone shows up but it is always best to be prepared. No matter who shows up have fun sharing your special day with them.