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A Little Thing Called Fate

Stella was 15 when she first met her husband.  She would have laughed in your face if you had told her then that Gavin, the socially awkward, brace-faced, tall and lanky giant that aced every math test and often was seen with his nose in a book, was “the one” she would someday marry.

A semester into Stella’s third year of University, and months out of a 2.5 year relationship, at a friend’s insistence, Stella finally agreed to a blind date.  Incredibly nervous and fifteen minutes late, Stella arrived at the restaurant somewhat relieved to find a handsome guy waiting for her at the bar.  His name was David and he was a newly graduated dentist working in his father’s business.  With mutual interests and attraction, they found conversation flowed easily and quickly date one turned into three until they were counting the months going by.

While attending a friend’s dinner party, Stella noticed a familiar face on the living room wall.  It was the host’s chief cousin who was catering her dinner party.  It was also Gavin; the awkward and lanky guy Stella recognized from high school had now filled out and grown-up.

Celebrating their first year together, Stella and David returned to the restaurant where they first met.  Half-way through dinner a bottle of wine arrived, courtesy of the house.  Thrilled and flattered that the restaurant had recognized their celebration; Stella and David requested the manager or owners contact information to send a thank you.  But it wasn’t necessary, the owner was in –it was Gavin.

Two years passed, Stella and David had parted ways and Stella had once again reluctantly agreed to a blind date.  This time, the handsome gent waiting for her at the bar she already knew –it was Gavin – unbeknown to the matchmaker.

Some may call it fate for It wasn’t planned, It wasn’t forced, It just happened.   But, whether you call it fate or coincidence, both sides can agree – sometimes, you have to go full circle to see what was already in front of you.


**This story, and the characters, is fiction.  Any likeness to those living or dead is entirely coincidental.