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A Proposal Idea: Determining what Your Thing is as a Couple

The story of how you got engaged will be told for the rest of your lives.  It may even be more important than the wedding day itself.  For instance, I’m always fascinated to hear how the married people I know got engaged; it’s like romance novels!  I realize, I never ask about their actual wedding day.  I mean sure, pictures exist but they eventually make their ways into photo albums over time.  It’s the proposal that will be reverberated for the rest of your life, so put some thought into it.  What is your thing as a couple?

To clarify, your thing as a couple is a commonality you both share.  Like, if both of you are avid cyclists, foodies, runners, readers, musician’s or just do a lot of music related things together (you get the idea?), those are your things.  Try to incorporate a mutual interest into the proposal to really give it that personal touch.  Or, if you are the one proposing, choose something your souse would love (their personal thing).

I’ve always enjoyed the story of how my aunt and uncle got engaged.  They both are professional photographers – that is their thing.   My uncle, knowing that my aunt would personally develop her film (Remember film? That stuff before digital) photographed himself holding large cards that spelt out, “Sarah (name has been changed)-will-you-marry-me-?”  When she ran out of the developing room, he was there on one knee with a ring.   Not only do they have a unique and romantic story to tell, they also have the photos.