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From an Expert: Bridal Hair Tips

Your Wedding day is one of the most exciting and photographed days of your life.   Having a great hair day is kind of mandatory!

I picked the brain of Hair Goddess Susan C. Borse (formerly Phillips), co-owner/ stylist/and top colour technician at Hair Ink Studios, for bridal hair advice;

Me:  How long before the “The Big Day” should a Bride colour her hair?

Susan .C. Borse: One week is usually a perfect amount of time before the wedding for Colour (but it can depend on how often one shampoos their hair). A full base color can often soften around the hairline after a couple of shampoos, therefore making for a softer look framing the face. Highlights may also break up, (show less defined), after a couple shampoos, softening the look as well.

Pre-wedding is certainly NOT the time to experiment with (a) whole new look. Remember, you will be staring at these pictures for the rest of your life, and do you really want that to be the one time you decided to go raven black?

How far out should hair trials and the wedding day appointment be booked?  How many trials are typical?

S.C.B.:  An experienced stylist will… be booking [3-6 months] ahead for weddings.

You should have a general idea of the look you want to represent.    Sometimes, this is based more on one’s personality (conservative/ flamboyant), other times it’s based more on the theme of the wedding (vintage/ nature setting /etc.). Your regular stylist may not be up to the task or have the skills for whatever it is you want to create.  So, there should be at least one discussion beforehand to iron that out. At times, they may also be able to recommend a stylist that would better suit your needs for that day.

The next visit, for an actual trial, should be at least two months in advance. This will give you time enough time to make any small changes, or completely revamp the look if need be. The actual appointment for the wedding should be clearly booked at this time.

** NOTE: Pictures from magazines are great aids!  Be sure to also bring pictures of your dress as the cut will help determine what hair style will be most flattering and complimentary. 1-2 trials are typical but don’t be afraid to schedule another until you are 100% certain of the look.   Remember to take a lot of pictures, after the trial, so it can be easily replicated on your Wedding Day)

Are “real” flowers in the hair a good idea?


S.C.B:  An experienced florist, nowadays, can do some truly extraordinary things to make your wedding day special. Many flowers used in traditional bouquets, can now be mounted on wire stems. The stems can be easily manipulated by the stylist to create the ideal placement in your hair.

I would say it is best to speak to the florist regarding whether or not you were choosing appropriate flowers for the time of year of your wedding. There are some very delicate flowers but it would be an extremely difficult to keep alive and fresh during a winter photo shoot for example.


Your Wedding is “not only one of those days you want to feel your most beautiful, but you really want to feel your most comfortable and at ease.” says Susan.  “Don’t feel you have to change your entire sense of style, just because it looks great in the bridal store.   Above all, remember to have fun! That special person already loves every bit of you on that Sunday morning with no makeup on, and all the rest, is just the icing on the cake.”



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