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Getting in Shape and maintaining it

There may be no better motivator to get in shape than your wedding; all 250+ eyes will be on you –arms, tummy, bum and all – not to mention photographs that will last a lifetime.    Now is the time to look and feel great, get confident and take action!

If incorporating cardio into your current lifestyle seems daunting on your own, you can hire a personal trainer, or include a friend or better yet, your fiancé in your activities.  Join a gym or take a walk or jog together at a set time every day or a few times a week.   Need more pizzazz to get you inspired?  Try pole dancing fitness classes with your girlfriends.   Not only will a one hour session leave your spirits high (from all the giggling) and your body beautifully toned, “In a single class you can burn as many as 250 calories which is the equivalent to a good gym session”, says Weightlossresources.co.uk.   And who knows, you may just learn a move or two that your fiancé will not soon forget.

Getting in shape is not all about breaking a sweat, nutrition plays a huge role.  Try to incorporate live foods, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, into each meal such as salads, raw veggies and fruits.   Most people don’t take into consideration the calories they are drinking.  For instance, a 355ml can of Coke is 139 calories.  If you consume in a day approximately 3.5 cans of Coke, you will have consumed about 540 calories from liquids alone, the equivalent to a Big Mac sandwich at McDonalds!  Limit yourself to one sugary drink a day and stick to water the rest of the time (if you add sugar to your coffee or tea, that’s your one!).  As with anything, the key is moderation.  If you are hard-core craving chocolate, allow yourself a piece or two, you don’t need the whole thing.  Remember, the easiest way not to eat unhealthy food is not to buy it! It’s the old, “out of sight, out of mind” principle.

If you really want to be healthier and are putting effort into getting in shape and losing weight, you need to incorporate eating healthier and regular activity into your everyday lifestyle.    Most “diets” don’t work because they are thought of as temporary.  Remember that habits take repetition to form before eventually becoming second nature.  Get your fiancé to join you in eating better and exercising consistently.   What better way to start your new lives together?




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