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Quick exercise tips from a Fitness trainer and Bride-to-be

I just so happen to have a sister, who is not only an incredibly toned fitness trainer, accomplished marathoner and triathlete, but is also a bride-to-be, tying the knot next year.   Realizing that the majority of us do not spend the better part of our days doing crunches, push-ups, lunges or cardio, I’ve picked her brain for tips for the average bride gearing up physically for her Wedding day.  This is what Courtney had to say:

1) Pick up some weights!  Most wedding dresses are strapless so tone up those arms and back with a 20-30 minute weight training program 3x a week.  Make friends with push-ups, triceps pull-downs, rows, lat pull-downs and various shoulder presses and raises, to list a few upper body exercises.


2) Embrace Interval Training!  Unless you’re training for a marathon, don’t waste precious hours of your life slogging away on the elliptical at an easy pace.   Do 30 minutes of interval/hill training!  Basically warm up for 5 minutes at a moderate pace, then alternate between 1-2 minutes HARD and 1-2 minutes MODERATE for 20 minutes, followed by an easy 5 minutes and voila!  Do this 3x a week.


3) Full Body Circuits: Circuit training for the whole body is one of the best ways to get lean, tone up and lose fat, without spending a lot of time doing it.  The secret is in the intensity.  As an example, pick 5 exercises and do them back to back until all 5 are complete. Something like 30 Mountain Climbers – 30 Jump Lunges – 10 Plank Row Burpees – MAX Bench Dips – 20 Squat Presses – rest 30-60 seconds, and repeat 3-5x.  Consider hiring a personal trainer to put together a few circuits that are personally tailored to you.


4) Eat Clean!  Nutrition plays the biggest role when it comes to changing your physique, so toss out the crap and focus on eating wholesome, clean foods.  Back off the starchy carbs and processed food like white rice, bread, pasta and pastries and replace them with Quinoa, Ezekiel bread, legumes, yams and oats.  Consider consulting a Nutritionist or Dietician for help on putting together a diet plan.  While it’s never too late to start eating clean, I would recommend you focus your efforts at least 4-6 weeks (or earlier) prior to the big day for the best results.


The above may seem daunting to some, but don’t be scared!  Everything in life that’s worth having takes effort to obtain.  If you really, truly want to see results in the way you look and feel, especially for your Wedding day, then push yourself to be the best you can be.  There is no time like the present!


 **Courtney Norton is an established fitness trainer in the Toronto area.  Some of her credits include: Fit Chicks: Fierce in 8 work-out DVD and Evolve fitness, among others.


Source:  Courtney Norton, courtneynorton1@gmail.com, 647-286-3201