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Wedding DIY Projects

Weddings can get expensive.  A great way to cut down on expenses and apply a personal touch in the process is with a few easy DIY projects.   Incorporate family and friends -no need to go it alone – make a party of it!  Saying “I do” doesn’t need to add to your grey hair count.  Stay positive and remember to have fun!

Here are some of the DIY favorites:

1) Name place cards – You can do these yourself by hand with basic art store supplies or on your computer with pre-perforated cards and fonts to choose from.  If you are feeling particularly creative, get yourself some thick decorative paper, scissors, calligraphy pen and ink.  To really make it pop, try a decorative stamp around the boarders in a gold or silver ink.

2) Thank you cards – You can apply the same ideas as above (see Name place cards). On the front of the card (or post card) add a photo of you and the groom on your wedding day and write a personalized thank you for the gift you received.

3) Table Centre Pieces (to incorporate the current trend, when applicable, add your display to a pedestal to give it some height):

  • Fishbowls filled with goldfish or colourful beta fish.
  • Bamboo or potted plants
  • Tea lights in mason jars with ribbon around the neck of the jar or unscented pillar candles. Add ribbon, feathers, and dried/fake flowers to personalize it.
  • Wildflowers displayed in mason jars with ribbon around the neck of the jar

4) Party Favours:  Decorated cookies, candy bags, decorative bubbles with wedding labels, or try making your own wine with a custom wedding label!

5) Make your own wedding cake! If a large cake is to daunting a task for your experience level, try making a smaller cake for the wedding party and doing wedding cupcakes for the rest of the guests.  How creative is that?!

6) Wedding Photo Booth:  Source or create hard paper cut-outs of lips, moustaches, glasses, and noses and put them on long sticks or straws for guests to use as props!!  Get a Digital point-and-shoot camera, camera tripod, remote shutter release, and a backdrop unless you have a plain wall to use.

7) Rustic Wedding signs:  You can use pre-made, unfinished, wooden signs from the craft store or source old wood planks.  With paint, paint your message.


8) DYI Candle Party Favours:  Candles are way easier to make then you’d think – say “hello” to microwavable soy wax!  (That’s right, I said microwavable).  Plus, they are practical –who can’t use a candle?  Add a package of candle wicking and choose a scented oil if you’d like (mentioned supplies available at craft stores with instructions).  Choose an interesting container for your candle that coordinates with your wedding: vintage tins, miniature clay pots, mason jars and teacups all look great.  Follow the user friendly directions and voila!  You have created a unique and personal candle party favor!

9) Bridesmaid Thank you gift:  Source some fun and colourful mugs and get heat transfer printable paper from the craft or office supply store.  On your computer, create a personalized template with your wedding date, names and a thank you.  Try, “Laura = Bridesmaid extraordinaire!  02/05/2014, Angie and Derek”.  To make the mug more usable for your bridesmaids (Not everyone wants to be flaunting your wedding date after the Wedding), put your message on the bottom or around the inside lip of the mug.  FYI, you can also get your message put onto the mugs professionally.  This route is not super expensive and the decal typically lasts longer.



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