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Should you drink on your wedding day?

A question every bride and groom have pondered over the years has been ‘should I drink at my wedding?’ There isn’t really a right or wrong answer; it’s all dependent on you and your guests. Obviously if you have never indulged in alcohol before in your life, your wedding day is never the place to start! You don’t yet know how you will react to drink and how much you can handle, so don’t test this in front of all of your friends, family and in-laws! As there are at most weddings, there will be a toast at yours. If you choose not to drink, you could still allow yourself a sip of champagne to toast the big day along with your guests. Not drinking at your wedding will not be frowned upon by anyone. Wedding days are long and you have probably spend months and years planning yours, so you might want to have a clear head on the day to both enjoy it and make sure everything runs smoothly.


Year-end-party-GreetingsWhen making this decision – whether to drink or not – the most important person is you. You know whether or not you can handle a few glasses of wine or not. So use your own judgement. It may not be enjoyable for most of your guests to see the bride or groom dancing on tables. If you feel alcohol helps you relax, unwind and enjoy yourself then do that, everyone knows the build-up to a wedding day can be very stressful, so you deserve to enjoy yourself. Just try not to get drunk. You want to enjoy every minute of it and remain in control at all times. Remember, you’re on show and representing yourself and your spouse in front of all of your friends and family, so behave. Why not make a pact with your fiancĂ© that on your wedding day neither of you will drink or both of you will drink in moderation? If you’re the groom and enjoy a beer, why not drink bottles of beer instead of pints? This way you’ll be drinking less and will be able to handle it more. Try not to mix your drinks at a wedding. You may drink beer or spirits; have champagne for the toast and then wine with your meal. If you have to make a speech, make sure you are sober for it. This way you will be heard loud and clear and won’t embarrass yourself. Drunken speeches lead to people saying the wrong things and offending the wrong people. Make sure this isn’t you.


stm52b35ead599c820131219Your family and guests will sometimes determine whether or not you drink on your big day. If no one in your family drinks, or you come from a religious background which frowns upon drinking, you may opt to avoid it on your big day. You may come from a family who enjoy a drink and a good party and feel it won’t be frowned upon on your big day if you do the same, this is fine, but you won’t want to be remembered as the ‘drunk’ one at your own wedding, so pace yourself.